Things I Read-The 1980s

What I recall reading (and in most cases still have the books) from the 1980s in no particular order, and I’m sure I’m missing swathes of books I read and will remember later:


Black Company series

Dune and sequels (read while recovering from very bad illness)

Many Colored Land series

And The Devil Will Drag You Under (must have read over 20 times, always wanted sequel)

Thieves World Anthologies

Hell Is For Heroes Anthologies

Wild Card Anthologies

Another Fine Myth series

Hitchhikers series

Uplift series

Ender’s Game


Tomoe Gozen Novels

Guardians of the Flame series

Pern series

Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth series (compulsive urge to finish series when started allowed me to finish)


Dream Park series

Aubry Knight series

Anything Mike Resnick (Santiago/Boardwalk series)

When Gravity Fails/Fire In The Sun

Vacuum Flowers

Biofab War (and the 1st sequel)

Anything Gibson, Sterling, Rucket, Walter J Williams, Cadigan, Shiner, Shirley I could find

Anything David Drake/Pournelle or military scifi I could get my hands on

Marching Through Georgia

Snow Crash

The Stand and IT