Time to write, Part 2-the author changes direction

So after deciding it was time to write, I knuckled down and pounded out 2500 words in 2 or so days.  But as I did it, I realized that I didn’t like the way it was going, because I had started writing the character’s origin, and in hindsight I feel that it would be best to introduce him as a more mature, storied character instead of a young man.  I can always fill in his background with flashbacks, but I think that he will be more interesting already in the middle of dealing with his particular entanglements.  It also allows me to have his relationships with his fellows and antagonists more developed.  The law enforcement who are chasing him can have come close and failed several times, making it more of a long seated rivalry.  I plan to try and match by 2500 words by early next week and then try to progress from there.