Time to write!

Ok, so I am one of those people who has dreamed of writing for most of their life, but other than a few early attempts that were not very good, I have let my insecurities and fears rule me.  I generate tons and tons of ideas for stories, write hundreds of thousands of words of backstory, but when it comes time to put the pen to the page, I let that Great White Beast defeat me time and again.  I recently went to Gencon for the first time in 20 years, and I was able to attend some wonderful workshops, and the fact that I was able to put real faces to names I had read helped me realize that writers aren’t 20 foot tall giants, they are normal people (mind you hard working people with the discipline to consistently write).  I came back with a new outlook and have spent the last several weeks convincing myself to finally make another go at slaying the beast. Getting on twitter and watching the interactions of some of the writers I listened to at Gencom helped (thank you Elizabeth Bear for posting all of the 1k1hr tweets and answering my questions about your pace and length of current work).   A recent blog piece by Chuck Wendig reinforced what others had already said, the worst thing you can do when trying to start writing is to not write.

So all of that said, it’s time to write.  I am going to practice writing by writing!  I am going to not get hung up on setting and history and try and generate a huge book bible, but instead just jump right in and write.  I will try and post some samples for commentary, but no promises.  However, I will try and post regular updates on my progress and what I learn.  The stories are going to about some nonconformist troublemakers who are possessed by a pair of fallen gods, on the run from a very conformist society.  So begins my attempt at adventures in writing with the Goblet and Gullet series!